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in which all evil regals are filled with burning sadness and anger upon realizing that regina was once again robbed of her happy ending

It’s strange, I have Eddy’s voice in my ears saying something like ” We did something that fans don’t know that they actually want ! “… … … OH WOW! THANK YOU GUYS! OF COURSE WE WANTED THAT SHE RELIVES THE MISFORTUNE WHICH SHE KNEW WITH DANIEL! Pfff IT WAS SO OBVIOUS… WE ARE IDIOTS! IT IS SO MUCH BETTER THAT WAY!

No but seriously >_> 

So if they thought well to the next season, Regina will become again Evil and she’ll kill Hook to have a revenge and to punish Emma. 

Fuck it, I actually wouldn’t mind Regina going Evil and killing everyone just before leaving town. That’s how mad I am. I want evil to win and I want it to be in the form of Regina Mills.


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